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Thermoplastic foam is typically a sponge-like material, created from frothing and then cooling a molten polymer, such as polyurethane or PVC. It is also available in liquid form. While each polymer makes foam with slightly different characteristics, all share the traits of durability, light weight, low thermal conductivity, mold and mildew resistance, bacterial growth resistance, compressibility and low water vapor transmission. Read More...

Thermoforming Foam Thermoforming is one of the most common and easy ways to take thermoplastic foam and make it into a new shape. The term “thermoforming” covers a number of foam forming methods, including the most popular types: vacuum forming, compression forming and encapsulation molding. However, generally speaking, thermoforming foam takes place when you place a thermoplastic foam sheet inside an oven, heat it until it is pliable, and then place it in or on a mold, where it can take on its shape and then cool.

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Flextech utilizes vacuum forming to mold foam and foam composites that only require defined part geometry on one side of the part. The material is heated and pulled over a male tool or into a female tool. A vacuum draws the foam into and around the tool surface to form the geometry of the part. The part is then allowed to cool and removed from the tool. We utilize this process primarily for the...

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At Luxaire, we realize the importance of customer care. No matter how challenging the project, we fabricate our foam with the utmost precision to get it right the first time. Available foams include rigid, semi-rigid, open-cell, and outdoor foam. We are capable of performing detailed fabrication with our cutting-edge CAD production equipment. Contact us today for more information about how we can ...

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Molded cross-linked polyethylene foam – Flextech, Inc.

Fabricators thermoform two main groups of foam: open cell structured foam (flexible foam) and closed cell structured foam (rigid foam). Open cell foam has pores, or cells, that are joined together, making the foam softer, more flexible, more compressible and easier to break apart. Closed cell foam, on the other hand, contains cells that are closed off from one another and do not compress. As a result, this foam is more firm, compact and pressure resistant.

By thermoforming foam, fabricators can create a wide variety of useful products in a diverse set of industries, including but not limited to: aerospace, packaging and shipping, food service, healthcare, architecture and construction, sound and acoustics, retail and automotive. Some of the many products into which fabricators can thermoform foam are: panel cores, vibration damper pads, shock mounts, portable coolers, shock pads, aircraft crash padding, wall padding for noise reduction/acoustics, aerospace gap filling, packaging, casing, partitions and cushioning.

Thermoforming offers you many options in terms of material composition, foam characteristics, product shape and size and color. In addition, most thermoformed foam is recyclable. Along those same lines, many companies now offer more environmentally friendly foam options. Find out more about thermoforming foam and what this service can do by reaching out to a reliable fabricator, such as those listed on this page.

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Closed Cell Foam

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam is a type of foam where the “cells” are tightly pressed together and enclosed, contrasting with the open, traditional polyurethane foam variation or interconnected cells of the open cell...

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam is a valuable closed-cell thermoplastic foam material. A closed-cell foam consists of tiny dense cells enclosed by its walls. The cells sit close to each other, but they are not interconnected. Hence, closed-cell foams like...

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a porous, cellular-structured, synthetic material made from the reaction of polyols and diisocyanates. Its structure is a composite of a solid phase and a gas phase. The solid phase is made from...

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