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Flextech has been providing innovative solutions for our customer's challenging projects since 1992. Flextech objectives are to be fair and honest in all of dealings with our suppliers, customers, and employees. We strive to design and produce high quality products for our customers in a timely manner and that are defect free. Compression Molding Foam

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Compression molding is a process Flextech utilizes for the manufacturing of three-dimensional molded foam and foam composite parts. It is an ideal process for making parts that have intricate features, require very defined part geometry, have varying wall thicknesses or need to be held to critical dimensional tolerances. Flextech utilizes our compression molding processes to manufacture parts for medical, industrial and personal protection markets.

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Luxaire Cushion Company owes over 70 years of success to the commitment of our employees to our customers and to high ethical product standards. At our facility, we have advanced CAD equipment to produce the best foam possible. We measure our success by the success of our customers, and all of our foam is thoroughly inspected and delivered on time.

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Thermoplastic foam products are a staple in our world, and there are many different ways to form them, depending on your application. Compression molding is one such process; it is used to make 3D shapes and contoured 3D shapes. Read More…

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